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Lavender Rejuvenating Face Care Kit

Use this set to have a more youthful appearance and protect you face for better skin.  Kit contains Lavender Exfoliation Face Cleanser, Lavender Moisturizing Firming Face Toner, Lavender Vitamin C Serum, Lavender Anti-aging Facial Oil (we call it Liquid Gold), Lavender Rejuvenating Face-Neck Cream (Sun-damaged skin) all-over face and neck. Lavender Replenishing Eye Cream.  After the application of the cream your skin will not feel oily as it will absorb into the skin cells and you will be ready for your make-up to be applied.

Note: Try our Lavender Facial Clay Mask (French Green & Bentonite) blending clay with our Aloe Vera and Lavender water mix.  This is great to pull out impurities in your facial area once a week, allowing your skin cells to breath.